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3D Chocolate Printer v2.0 for Whom Who Love Chocolate

The Choc Creator 2.0 Plus, the company states, has been “designed from the ground up”. So, while it maintains its sleek appearance, the firm has reduced the size and weight of the machine. This makes the printer easier to transport, which I would think is essential for caterers and private chefs. The device is also meant to be more reliable and easier to use than its predecessors, relying on a 30ml stainless steel syringe and printhead to both ensure even heating throughout the head – “designed to print with absolutely no blocking” – and easy cleaning. Additionally, the platform has been made removable for cooling, without the need for a separate substrate. Other improvements include an increase in build volume to 180 x 180 x 50mm and an LCD touch screen, freeing the Choc Creator from the fetters of your computer. With a USB drive, users can print directly from the printer. This demonstrates that, like FFF 3D printers now entering the second generation, the first commercial chocolate 3D printer is keeping up with technological innovations.

Source: 3D Printing Industry


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