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Osja AR - Khmer Riel Currency 4D animation with mobile software

Experience The First Augmented Reality App in Cambodia.

Have fun with different Cambodian's cultural characters from different Khmer's currency notes such as:
- Wanna play a game? try this app on 100 Riel note. And do some fishing game.
- Wanna see our traditional Peacock dance? Try this app on 500 Riel note. And normally our Peacock dance involved 2 peacocks dancing together, so just put another 1000 Riel note nearby and enjoy the show.
- Wanna know what's on 2000 Riel note? Well, just try on it and you'll know more about it.
- For other notes, why don't you try out yourself. Here are more notes that this app will work on, 5,000 Riel note and 10,000 Riel note.


Is this the question you are really looking for? Yes, it is also the question that we are really looking for someone to ask. The answer is "You will get what you want". That means we will provide you high quality of products/services with a really reasonable. You will find out better experience with us.

Domain & Hosting

Find any available domain name via our website and just tell us the one which you want, you will get it with a lower price. Then, hosting with a bigger disk space, higher bandwidth, more email accounts and database will be given you. The hosting costs lower than other companies as well.

Inventory Management System

I know it is difficult to control your stock, sale report, and other reports if you don't have a system to control it. So, if you are looking for a system to manage your business such as Inventory Management for your mart or for any other businesses, just contact us.

Design Solutions

With full of experience in designing plus many tools and knowledge of new technology we will find you what you want from our design service. Please contact us, and then any style of designing you prefer is possible for you now.

Network & Camera Security

We have full experience about installing both Network and Camera Security System for our clients till now. Many kinds of clients that have trust with us such as Hotels, Boutiques, Apartments, Marts, Schools,... So if you are looking for those services, please don't forget to contact us. Many thanks.

Business Solution

We will help to improve your business by providing some services such as website services, inventory management system, data entries, etc. 24/7 service support will be yours. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now if you need to improve your business.
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